Mohammad Anwar, a Pakistani immigrant Uber eats driver

Yesterday, Mohammad Anwar, a Pakistani immigrant Uber eats driver was allegedly killed by 2 POC teenagers who attacked him with a stun gun.  Then, with the man appearing to be standing between the driver’s side door threshold pinned between the driver door and the car, the two teens proceeded peel away as he protested.  As they did, they smashed him and the door and his car into various obstacles as he hopelessly clung to his car before finally crashing into something and launching the poor dying man onto a DC sidewalk.  As he lay dying, the violent criminals tried to flee the scene but National Guard troops happened to be stationed there and apprehended them. The two teens are being charged with carjacking and murder.


The shocking and definitive video can be seen below:

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But the violent criminals were not done.  They then tried to flee the scene as Mohammad lay dying on the ground:

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Now, instead of demanding justice for the driver and condemning such actions, radical far-let anti-Trump mayor Muriel Bowser is victim-blaming the Asian immigrant:

Jack Posobiec rightly criticized the shameful and relevant tweet which contained no relevant material whatsoever to this case.

Bowser is a globalist anti-Trump radical who has supported BLM for years.  She has culturally appropriated internationally famous streets after them and painted their mural on the Nations Capitol city while allowing Defunding The Police murals alongside them until political ambitions got in the way.

But Bowser isn’t the only one trying to spin this story into something much less than it is.  CNN called the incident a mere “accident” that happened to involve a fatal injury:

This kind of one-sided coverup spin and victim-blaming is becoming the norm here and it should be alarming to Americans.

This kind of thing is already very common in Europe in places like Germany and Sweden and the UK.  There, crimes have been increasing in recent years as their globalist leaders flooded Europe with too many poorly vetted violent law-breaking migrants who refuse to assimilate.  Instead of reporting on the vast increases in violent crimes like bombings (which used to not exist in Sweden until their migrant issues arose) and rapes, the press and politicians and police simply sweep it under the rug, using slogans, memes and obfuscations similar to Muriel Bowser’s while trying to erroneously blame whistleblowers, women, Western Culture, or just all men.

Well, Ms. Bowser cannot blame men in this case.  And, since the victim is an Asian immigrant and the perpetrators are allegedly “POC,” she must shift blame and try to minimize the wrongdoing entirely with a calming 44-second administrative video lullaby to make you fall back to sleep.

Did it work, or are you more awake than ever?

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