NFL players were pretty much all over the place with what they decided to do to protest today (SEE LIST BELOW). Some players gave the black power salute, while others decided to continue kneeling.  Many teams decided to kneel BEFORE the anthem and then lock arms while standing during the anthem.

The fewest players raised a fist with the black power salute…


They stood out like a sore thumb:

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The kneeling is still ridiculous even though it’s now mostly before the anthem:

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Daily Mail reported:

The entire New Orleans Saints roster briefly took a collective knee prior to the anthem in what quarterback Drew Brees had called ‘a way to show respect to all’. The team then stood and many linked arms.

A handful of Buffalo Bills players could be seen kneeling for the anthem ahead of their game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Two Detroit Lions players also took to one knee for the anthem before the game against the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis.
Roughly half the San Francisco 49ers took a knee prior to their game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Is it too much to ask for these players to just stand with hand over heart for our national anthem? Do they even have a clue about how this idiotic protest began? Kaepernick knelt in support of domestic terror group Black Lives Matter and against our law enforcement. It has now morphed into a salute to eternal victimhood and a protest against President Trump. Of course, the Democrats have jumped on the bandwagon to interpret Trump calling ALL the players “sons of bitches” into a racist word. It’s sickening to see that an out of work mediocre football quarterback has caused such a stink for the sinking NFL. Too bad fans are dropping like flies…

Kaepernick was seen wearing a t-shirt that perfectly describes his effort to be a victim like he wants all blacks to be…”Me against the world”…LOL!

Here is a list of players and teams that protested during the national anthem:

Saints vs. Dolphins

The entire New Orleans Saints team took a knee in solidarity before the national anthem played at Wembley Stadium in London. The players stood in unison for the playing of the anthem.

Kenny Stills, Michael Thomas and Julius Thomas of the Miami Dolphins took a knee during the performance.

Steelers vs. Ravens

The Ravens took a knee before the national anthem and were booed by fans. No Steelers or Ravens players took a knee during the anthem.

Titans vs. Texans

Texans players linked arms during the national anthem but all stood together.

Rishard Matthews of the Titans remained in the locker room rather than stand with his teammates during the anthem.

Panthers vs. Patriots

The Patriots stood at the sideline at attention several minutes before the national anthem and then put their hands over their hearts and each other.

Lions vs. Vikings

Jalen Reeves-Maybin and Steve Longa kneeled during the national anthem. All other Detroit players locked arms.

Jaguars vs. Jets

The Jets locked arms for the national anthem. No player kneeled. Every Jaguars player took a knee before the playing of the national anthem but stood during the song.

Bills vs. Falcons

Kaelin Clay, Cedric Thornton, Mike Tolbert, Shareece Wright, Taiwan Jones and Jerel Worthy were the Bills players who knelt during the national anthem. The rest of the players stood with their arms locked.

Last week, Grady Jarrett and Dontari Poe took a knee during the national anthem but stood during this week. No Falcons players were kneeling during the national anthem. Most of them on the sidelines linked arms.

Rams vs. Cowboys

All Rams and Cowboys players stood during the national anthem. Dallas remains one of six teams not to kneel, sit or raise a fist during the national anthem. Rams outside linebacker Robert Quinn raised his fist. Cowboys defensive end Damontre Moore raised his fist as the anthem ended.

49ers vs. Cardinals

Half of the 49ers team kneeled with general manager John Lynch and CEO Jed York during the national anthem. The team issued the following statement after the demonstration:




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