A Delta Air Lines Boeing aircraft made an emergency landing at New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport after losing an emergency slide mid-flight.

The Los Angeles-bound plane was forced to return to JFK after takeoff.

“Delta Air Lines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed to Fox News Digital that Flight 520 safely returned to JFK airport at around 8:35 a.m. Friday,” FOX Business reports.

The crew and passengers reported vibrations and banging noises on the flight.


Per FOX Business:

Authorities said that the plane’s crew alerted air traffic control after hearing a “non-routine” vibration from near the right wing.

The crew also “observed a flight deck indication” that the emergency slide had fallen off.

Delta Air Lines said that the Boeing 767-300ER aircraft had 176 customers on board, as well as two pilots and five flight attendants, at the time the emergency was declared.

The plane landed safely at JFK and passengers proceeded to LAX on another aircraft.

“After the aircraft had safely landed and proceeded to a gate, it was observed that the emergency slide had separated from the aircraft,” a spokesperson said, according to ABC 7.

“Delta is fully supporting retrieval efforts and will fully cooperate in investigations,” the spokesperson added.

ABC 7 reports:

There were 176 passengers, two pilots and five flight attendants on board.

Air traffic control audio obtained by Eyewitness News captured when the pilot communicated that the plane was heading back to JFK.

“Delta 520, yeah we got an indication that the right wing flight latch on the door, one of the latches is showing an open indication. So yeah, we plan on returning back to Kennedy and having them take a look at it,” the pilot said.

“We are starting to get a little bit of a vibration on that right side. We’re not declaring an emergency at this time, but we’d like to [inaudible] return back to Kennedy as soon as possible.”

The flight returned to JFK Airport, the passengers were switched to a new plane, and their flight departed at 10:59 a.m. Eastern Time — about three hours behind schedule.

The Delta incident is the latest mishap on a Boeing jetliner.

The incident follows a wheel falling off a Boeing 737 during takeoff in South Africa, prompting an emergency landing.

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Also, a Lufthansa Airlines Boeing 747 experienced a ‘rough landing’ on a flight from Frankfurt, Germany, to Los Angeles.

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