This story is a cautionary tale, for anyone who [wrongly,] assumes local politics aren’t important. In a stunning move that brings the city of Minneapolis one step closer to Socialism, the Minneapolis City Council, composed of 11 Democrats and one Green Party member, have decided to level the housing playing field for everyone. It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve worked, sacrificed or saved to purchase a home in a safe, single-family neighborhood, the city council has decided that anyone can move into your neighborhood.

According to SFGate– The Minneapolis City Council voted last Friday to eliminate single-family zoning, and instead, allow residential structures with up to three dwelling units — like duplexes and triplexes — in every neighborhood. Minneapolis is believed to be the first major city in the United States to approve such a change citywide.

The decision came as part of a sweeping plan to propel the city into the future by addressing issues like housing, racial equity, and climate change. The plan, called Minneapolis 2040, drew thousands of public comments, “Don’t Bulldoze Our Neighborhoods” yard signs and a last-minute lawsuit, but ultimately passed on a 12-1 vote.

It will now go to a regional planning agency for review. City officials expect the zoning changes to go into effect sometime next year.

The Minneapolis City Council is made up of 12 Democrats and one Green Party member — success there could offer one model of what is possible.

Is the Minneapolis City Council struggling to fix racial inequality and climate change, or are they attempting to fix a lack of housing for the exploding Somali population who tend pack multiple families into one single family home or apartment?

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The twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have been dubbed the Somali capitol of the United States, boasting a Somali population of 60,000 persons.

Jeffrey Dishinger wrote about the need for more housing options for the exploding Somali immigrant population in Minneapolis, citing the increasing number of Somali immigrants in Minnesota and the demand for affordable housing that increases since many of the Somali families in Minneapolis make so little money. In his research, Dishinger discusses the difficulties Somali immigrants face in finding housing, as the size of their families tends to be larger, and how it’s uncommon for extended family members to all be living together in one home or apartment. He also warns about the supply of available housing not being able to meet the demand for housing for the massive immigrant population.

Only two years ago, we shared a stunning story about a mob of up to 30 young Somali men who paraded through one of Minneapolis’ more upscale neighborhoods, yelling disparaging comments and terroristic threats against homeowners.

A female resident of the neighborhood, obviously shaken in a TV interview, related how she was screamed at by a Somali man who threatened to kidnap and rape her.

“They were screaming at the house that they were going to kidnap you and they were going to rape you,” one Minneapolis resident told KSTP TV. “It was a very traumatizing experience.”

Somalis living in Minneapolis are almost all Sunni Muslims, and residents of the Lake Calhoun area say this isn’t the first time a group of Somali men has made an intimidating march through their neighborhood, which is filled with million-dollar homes.


How well are Somali immigrant assimilating in Minneapolis?

Ami Horowitz, a thought-provoking filmmaker took to the streets in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN to talk a variety of Somali Muslim immigrants and get their thoughts on America and how they view Americans who don’t hold their same religious views.

Ami posed several questions to a large variety of random Somali Muslim immigrants. He asked young boys, teenagers, middle-aged men, and even an older woman their thoughts on how they felt about living in the United States, and if they’d rather live back in Somalia. Horowitz also asked if they would prefer to live under Sharia Law or American laws. Their answers may surprise you.

The most shocking part of the video, however, comes near the end when Horowitz begins to discuss freedom of speech in America. While one of the men being interviewed talks about how great it is to be in America and to be afforded rights like freedom of speech and freedom of religion, every single Muslim respondent believed that free speech is great unless it involves criticizing the prophet, Mohammed. Horowitz took his question a step further and asked if was okay for Muslims to use violence against someone who disparaged or insulted Mohammed. Every Muslim he asked, believed that using violence, including killing a person who criticized or mocked Mohammed, would be justified.


Muslim US Congresswoman-elect, Ihlan Omar (D), is a Somali immigrant who was elected to replace the former Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN). Only six months ago, the disgraced former DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison, spoke at the Minnesota DFL convention, where mocked the idea of having work requirements for those that receive welfare benefits. This is the same guy who thinks it’s a great idea to give people a “basic income” no matter what they do so they can “do other things”.


Is Minneapolis lost? Will decisions made by progressive Democrat lawmakers (Socialists) at the local, state and federal level drive newcomers as well as current citizens away from the popular, major city?


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