On Wednesday night, Arizona Republican Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake spoke at the Hispanic Townhall Election Event in Phoenix. Her Democrat opponent, Katie Hobbs, refused to attend the event, leaving her podium empty and raising serious questions about why she didn’t feel it was important to be present.

“I really wish my opponent was here,” Lake said at the event, addressing the empty podium beside her. “These are important questions, and I’m happy to answer them. I don’t know what the next question’s going to be, but if you can’t stand on this stage and answer questions, whether they be tough questions or easy questions, I don’t know how you can lead this big state. I really don’t.”

Lake also brought up Hobbs’ refusal to answer questions from voters and the media, saying, “I always speak to [the media]… She won’t answer the questions and she didn’t have the courage to be here. I think that should tell you something. She’s hiding something. What is she hiding? I think we know: her terrible record.”

This isn’t the first time Hobbs has refused to show up for a political event. The Democrat candidate continuously refuses to engage in a debate with opponent Lake, despite Lake offering to let her pick the moderator and write all the questions.

At the Hispanic Townhall event, Lake addressed Hobb’s fear of debating her. She pointed out how her Democrat opponent has called her a “conspiracy theorist,” using this as an excuse to avoid debates.

“Well then show up and call me out,” Lake said. “I’ll be happy to have a dialogue.”

“I’ll be honest,” she continued. “I don’t like the idea of being on the stage with a twice-convicted racist, but this job is so important that we need to stand up here and debate these issues and tell the good people of this state what we plan to do for our citizens.”

“Arizona deserves better.”

At the event, Lake also addressed the ever-worsening illegal immigration crisis.

“We don’t want people with a background in murder, drugs, rape, and all kinds of crime coming across our border, we can’t have that,” said Lake. “I want to secure that border for all people in Arizona.”

“While I wish we could solve all of the world’s problems, we cannot afford, as Arizonans, to have 5 million people come across,” she said, stating that her main priority is “the people of Arizona.”

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