Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum keeps shaking up the news with stories piling in about him and his staffers. One of his youth outreach staffers was fired in relation to a tweet calling for Donald Trump to be “executed.” The same man was also found online wearing a shirt that suggests Trump supporting red states have voters who are living in “dumbf-ckistan” while blue Democrat states live in the USA.

If you thought it ended there, then you may want to have a seat for a moment. Not only did this bright young Democrat call for Trump’s execution, insult all of Trump’s voters with hateful language, but he’s also been noticed saying very sexually charged comments about women, posting funny pictures about rape, and generally shaming people. These are things you would not want to see on someone’s resume or public profile if you’re about to hire them for a government-connected position.

I thought the Democrats were always saying things like “hate has no place here” – but here they are hiring someone publically expressing their hate.

As if shady Andrew Gillum didn’t have enough on his shady plate of shadiness already, right?

The staffer was identified as Manny Orozco-Ballestas, 24, and he was exposed by a blogger named Jacob Engels.

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Fox News reported that in “one 2013 post, Orozco-Ballestas wrote to Trump: “you need to be executed.” In another, he reportedly wrote, “If you’re weighing 300 pounds+ maybe it’s a good idea you stop posting all that fattening food pics on [Instagram]!”

But it was one of Orozco-Ballestas’ own Instagram posts last summer — which was also unearthed last week by Engels and published by The Tampa Bay Times — that led to calls by state Republicans for his termination.

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In the post, Orozco-Ballestas is pictured wearing a shirt depicting a map of the United States, with red-colored states indicating ones that went for President Trump in the 2016 election.

On the shirt, a key provided below the map explains that the red states refer to “Dumbf—istan,” while the blue refer to the “United States of America.”

That’s not very nice or tolerant coming from the party who vehemently demands that everyone else is so nice and tolerant.

The Republican Party of Florida called for Orozco-Ballestas to be fired on the grounds that his post/s were “unconscionable.”

They got their wish and he was fired.

Florida Republican Party Chairman Blaise Ingoglia stated that “It is unbelievable to me that Andrew Gillum would not only employ, but promote on social media, a person who calls voters ‘dumb f*cks’ for electing Republicans… It is hypocritical for Gillum to endorse the same kind of hateful, intolerant speech that he likes to denounce.”

Great point. One person or party cannot demand others be nice, tolerant, and accepting while demonstrating the complete opposite behavior.

I’d like to know how this guy got hired in the first place. Didn’t anyone look at his timelines? We’re in a day and age where people are judged by what the post on social media, so maybe it’s a good thing that Engels pointed this out.

Is this the type of thing people say if they take a government job? It doesn’t matter if he said it before, during, or after Trump’s presidency. Saying it at all is enough to make people not want to work with you.

A few of the other posts that Orozco-Ballestas made might be considered offensive, so proceed with caution to Engel’s account if you’d like to see them. We won’t post them here on account of how demeaning they are to women. Engels has only posted them so that readers can see what kind of things Orozco-Ballestas was posting and what caused him to be fired. Engels does not support the tweets or the person, he is simply reporting on the issue.

Orozco-Ballestas might be seen later in life begging for change on a corner if he doesn’t get his act together.

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