MSNBC’s Jonathan Cathcart does nothing to challenge the lie that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee told to him and anyone watching. This is a great example of the propaganda pumped out daily that pushes a false narrative. Rep. Lee had to twist herself into a pretzel to try and dodge the truth about the border. Americans with a brain can see what’s going on at the border. This is an insult to every legal American who will be paying for this Biden-made disaster.

Note to Rep. Lee: The bill was $1.9 TRILLION and not a billion.

“We’re gonna get through this but my Republican friends  know that they’re only doing this because they voted against the $1.9 billion dollar American Rescue Package…they just want to throw attacks and darts.”

Lee is a shameless promoter of the far-left agenda. She represents Houston, Texas too! Please listen to Republican leader kevin McCarthy about the tragedy at the border:

The children who are suffering now are on Rep. Lee who is denying there is a crisis.

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