Back in May, Pennsylvania’s Democratic nominee for Senate, John Fetterman, suffered a stroke that forced him to take time off of his campaign trail.

On Friday, Fetterman made his first public appearance at a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania where he spoke for about 11 minutes. Dressed in his signature oversized hoodie, Fetterman tried to reassure voters that he is healthy enough to continue in the battle for Senate against Trump-endorsed candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz.

However, his appearance was not exactly reassuring to voters.

The senatorial candidate continuously paused in the middle of sentences, sometimes stumbling over his words or repeating himself. He previously revealed that he is working with a speech therapist to overcome the speaking challenges he faces post-stroke.

Some attendees at Fetterman’s rally reported to ABC News that they didn’t think Fetterman looked completely healthy.

One of Fetterman’s supporters said that the candidate “seemed a little bit off his game,” and another reported that “you could tell he was sweating a lot.”

“It doesn’t matter why he lacked the energy. He just has to have it,” said another attendee who was “disappointed” in Fetterman’s lack of energy.

“I was looking for the fire, I was looking for the passion, I was looking for the enthusiasm, and I was looking for him to nail it. And he didn’t nail it.”

Fetterman’s lack of his typical energy and his inability to formulate full sentences raises the question of whether he is fit to be running for a seat in the US Senate.


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