Democrat James Clyburn  is the third ranking Congressman behind Pelosi. If that wasn’t scary enough, he just offered to pursue  the speakership from Pelosi if the Democrats win the House back. Don’t do us any favors!  Clyburn is the same age as Pelosi! They’re both 78 and have been lifers in Congress sparking the call for term limits!

Over 50 Democrats have pledged that they won’t support Pelosi’s speakership if they win back the House. So who would take Pelosi’s place? Clyburn has a track record of racism that goes way back. He’ll only bring the Democrats back to victimhood instead of moving forward.

When John Conyers was in hot water for sexual harassment, Clyburn pulled the race card:

“James Clyburn compared Conyers’ accusers to the child murderer Susan Smith, who initially claimed a black man had abducted her kids. Clyburn said, these are all white women who’ve made these charges against Conyers,” Robert Draper tweeted.

When asked if that comment was true, Draper said he verified it through two sources, adding “Clyburn has used the Susan Smith parallel more than once, to members & staffers.”

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One of the most racist things Clyburn did is refuse to denounce hate preacher Louis Farrakhan:

Democrats who are members of the Congressional Black Caucus have continuously refused to denounce hateful racist Louis Farrakhan. The Nation of Islam leader spews hate speech from the pulpit to THOUSANDS of believers yet it’s crickets from the main stream media. It’s been up to the “new” media on social platforms to call out these Democrats.

After all, wasn’t it the main stream media that didn’t do its job when Obama was running in 2008? Heck, we’re still uncovering hidden truths about Obama that would have been great for the voter to know. Like the meeting and photo with Farrakhan that was hidden until Obama was out of office? Yes, THAT picture…

Do you know another candidate for president that would have been able to hide so much about himself? We don’t!

Fast forward 8 years and Democrats are exposed for having a relationship with a hate preacher who has called for the deaths of whites and jews. The video exposed 6 Democrats for their meeting with Farrakhan:

The new images and videos show Congressional Democrats, some of whom are still serving, warmly embracing Farrakhan in 2006 at a church in New Orleans. The footage was brought to light by columnist Jeryl Bier. Bier has been tweeting  images and video of the encounter:

There’s even video of a beaming Maxine Waters at one of Farrakhan’s speeches:


Daily Caller reports:

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters attended a Nation of Islam convention in 2002 where the hate group’s leader, Louis Farrakhan, defended Palestinian suicide bombers.

The ties to Iran and Farrakhan are important too but you never hear a word about it. The Democrats from the video above who met with Farrakhan were also in attendance at a dinner with the Iranian leader.

The four anti-American Democrats who have continued their relationship with Farrakhan and refuse to denounce him should be called out:

Maxine Waters, James Clyburn, Andre Carson and  Al Green have all refused to denounce Farrakhan. We’d like to add Keigh Ellison and avowed communist Danny Davis who publicly denounce but have privately supported Farrakhan.

Are these people representing you in Washington? If they are, please speak up to vote them out!


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