Andrew Zarro, a Portland, Maine City Council member, sells disturbing stickers that say “Abort Republicans” and “Defund God”.

Zarro owns a coffee shop in Portland called “Little Woodfords”, and on its Instagram account it promotes sticker packs sold at the shop with crude phrases like “Defund God”, “Abort Republicans”, and “thank you for making me a godless heaux”.


Oddly enough, the coffee shop also posts things trying to convince its customers that it’s “inclusive”, selling posters that read “All Are Welcome Here”, and “All races, classes, ages, religions, bodies, abilities, genders, identities, sexual orientations, countries of origin are welcome here”. Note that it does not say all “political affiliations” are welcome. That is made perfectly clear.


The company that Zarro’s coffee shop supports also sells stickers that say “Just Say No to God & Guns”, “what if prison was only for cops”, and posters that say “all hail satan”. Overall this is just an incredibly disturbing company that the city council member supports.


These stickers reportedly surprised many of the council member’s supporters since he frequently preaches pro-equality and inclusivity.


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