After multiple House Democrats publicly called on Joe Biden to withdraw from the presidential election, a Democrat governor urged him to ‘carefully evaluate’ whether he should stay in the race.

Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey said Biden should “listen to the American people” before he comes to a decision.


Healey’s statement is considerable since she is a member of Biden’s national campaign advisory board and headlined a major fundraiser for him in Boston.


Healey is the first Democratic governor to publicly nudge Biden toward exiting the presidential race as he struggles to recover from a disastrous debate performance last week that has the potential to doom his reelection bid.

Biden bristled at the statement when asked about it Friday evening in Wisconsin after telling reporters that “all those governors” who joined a meeting with him Wednesday told him to stay in the race.

“Maura Healey didn’t say anything when I was in the room. Ok?” Biden said.

Other Democrats have been banging that drum this week. Three sitting House Democrats — including Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton — have publicly called on Biden to end his campaign. Other Democrats, including Sen. Peter Welch (D-Vt.), also criticized Biden’s campaign for previously pushing back against people who question the president’s age and fitness.

Privately, congressional Democrats are panicked, and some are circulating letters including one that would call on Biden to withdraw from the race. Meanwhile, delegates to the Democratic National Convention expressed to POLITICO that they hoped Biden would step aside — and make way for Vice President Kamala Harris — and some donors have been applying pressure on his campaign as well.

Healey was among the 20 Democratic governors who met with Joe Biden at the White House after his disastrous debate performance against Donald Trump.

Joe Biden To Meet With Group Of Democrat Governors At White House

Despite Biden declaring he's remaining in the race, reports suggest Healey's statement could cause significant damage to him.

Per CBS News:

Boston University political historian and professor Tom Whalen said Healey's statement suggests too much is on the line for not just the president but the entire Democratic Party.

"Massachusetts is a state where the president and the party, nationally, have raised a lot of money," said Whelan. "So this statement by Healey might tamper down which already is a negative mood toward Biden in the fall. In that sense, it did not help one bit, it probably hurt President Biden."

Healey is the second Democrat from Massachusetts to suggest that Biden should consider whether he should keep running for re-election. On Wednesday. Rep. Seth Moulton issued a statement saying he has "grave concerns" about Biden's ability to defeat former President Donald Trump.

"The unfortunate reality is that the status quo will likely deliver us President Trump," said Moulton in his statement. "When your current strategy isn't working, it's rarely the right decision to double down. President Biden is not going to get younger...I've always said that America needs to elevate a new generation of leaders and I respect those colleagues who have already spoken out. We should have all viable options on the table."

"Unless he pulls off a minor political miracle, produces out of nowhere loaves and fishes, I just don't see him getting out of this political nose dive."

Moulton is one of five House Democrats to publicly call on Biden to step aside.

Additional House Democrats Call On Joe Biden To Step Aside, Senate Democrats Next?

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