First off, why are American governors traveling to Israel?

They serve the men and women living in their respective states.

American governors don’t serve the people of a foreign nation.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom traveled to Israel.

“I’m on my way to Israel. I’ll be meeting with those impacted by the horrific terrorist attacks and offering California’s support,” Newsom said.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul also jetted off to Israel.

However, Hochul’s Israel visit should generate more anger among her constituents.

While in Israel, Hochul flaunted body armor she banned New Yorkers from purchasing to protect themselves.

Rules for thee but not for me!

“70 people from the town of Kfar Aza were massacred by Hamas. I was the first U.S. official to visit the once-peaceful community & was horrified by what I saw: the blood-stained ground, stench of death, bombed-out homes. We must ensure October 7 is a day the world never forgets,” Hochul posted with footage of her wearing the body armor.

Bearing Arms writes:

The last on the above list is New York’s clownish body armor ban. The ban initially missed the armor worn by the Buffalo shooter, which was ostensibly the motive for banning body armor. A lot of people own body armor. Why they own it is their business. But the state, using the Buffalo shooter as a pretext, banned body armor for everyone.

New York created exceptions to the body armor ban for some professions such as law enforcement and the members of the world’s second oldest profession right next to prostitutes, and that’s politicians.

After banning body armor for ordinary New Yorkers, Gov. Kathy Hochul made a taxpayer-funded junket to Israel. What value can a useless New York politician, presiding over an exploding $36.4 billion budget deficit, a major narcotics crisis, a self-imposed illegal immigration sanctuary crisis, massive capital outflows, and fleeing taxpayers (causing the loss of a congressional seat) add to Israel?

Was Hochul there to tell former Sayeret Matkal commando Benjamin Netanyahu to make the Gaza Border a “sensitive place” like Times Square?


While in Israel, Hochul was spotted wearing body armor which she didn’t hesitate to ban for the proles she lords over

“No longer will we allow the sale of body vests and armor to those who don’t need them for work,” Hochul previously said.


The New York governor’s website bragged about the body armor ban as part of a legislative gun control package:

Legislation S.9407-B/A.10497 makes it illegal to purchase and sell body vests for anyone who is not engaged in an eligible profession. Eligible professions include law enforcement officers and other professions, which will be designated by the Department of State in consultation with other agencies. It also requires that all body vest sales are completed in-person.

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