Since before the trial began, we all knew it would be a Democrat circus with cameos by the worst RINOs in the party.  We knew it was unconstitutional because Donald Trump is no longer president, so he is a private citizen who cannot and should not be impeached.  But, even we could not predict some of the outrageously stupid items that Democrats would use as ‘evidence’ during their kangaroo Senate trial.

There is no denying that President Donald Trump benefitted from the use of memes occasionally during his political career.  However, so does everyone else.  That doesn’t mean that every political meme that has ever been made is attributable to Trump, or that they are all truthful.  Yet, Stacey Plaskett who is serving as the Democrat’s Impeachment manager during the Senate trial against President Trump believes erroneously that every meme and fake news story written about Donald Trump, regardless of veracity, should be admissible as evidence against him.

The Conservative Review Reports:

Delegate Stacey Plaskett (D-USVI), who serves as an Impeachment Manager in the the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump’s, presented memes and posts from obscure internet forums as evidence against Trump. She wasn’t the only one, and Rep. Jamie Raskin had to remove the fake news from the record on Wednesday:

“The Impeachment Manager Mr. Cicilline (D-RI) correctly and accurately quoted a newspaper account which the distinguished senator has taken objection to. So we’re happy to withdraw it, on the grounds that it is not true. We’re going to withdraw it this evening without any prejudice to the ability to resubmit it if possible. But it’s much ado about nothing because it’s not critical in any way to our case,” Congressman Raskin (D-MD) said during the impeachment proceedings on Thursday.

According to Plackett, whose posted memes stand for the record, the memes and posts should be taken as evidence that Trump incited the storming of the Capitol, arguing without clear evidence that they were inspired by a tweet from the former President.

Here is an example of one of the random memes created by a random stranger with absolutely no affiliation to president Trum.  Somehow, nonsense like this has been allowed to be displayed as evidence during this kangaroo Senate trial:

The meme, above has just 12 comments on it.  No evidence was presented that anyone related to this meme was involved in the storming of the Capitol, or in any way affiliated with Donald Trump.

But this was just one of many such illegitimate presentations by Democrats this week:

Plaskett also presented a number of posts which discussed plans to storm the Capitol. Similar to the meme presented, there is no evidence that anyone involved with the storming of the Capitol interacted with the post, and most of them received less than half a dozen comments or upvotes.

The impeachment manager claimed that the Trump administration actively monitored many of the online forums these memes and posts were uploaded to, asserting without evidence that the administration was aware of the plans as a result. While insiders within the Trump administration have acknowledged that these forums are monitored, it is unclear how closely.

Many of these online spaces have tens, if not hundreds of thousands of users. Plaskett presented no evidence that the posts advocating a storming of the Capitol accounted for a significant portion of the posts on these sites.

As the Conservative review points out, this entire show-trial is a scam:

Despite having already left office, Trump is facing an impeachment trial in the Senate after having been impeached by the House of Representatives for allegedly “inciting” the Capitol Hill riot on Jan. 6. However, given that a two thirds majority is required to convict a president in the Senate, it is unlikely that he will be convicted due to pushback from GOP lawmakers.

Many in the GOP argue that Trump’s speeches and tweets were fully within the bounds of the first amendment and did not call for violence or rioting, and find it unreasonable that he could be held responsible for the storming of the Capitol as a result. They have also argued that since Trump has already left office, he cannot still be impeached, since impeachment, by definition, is a removal from office. Democrats, meanwhile, have argued that there is no reason that impeachment could not convict and sentence a person who is no longer in office.

This trial is all about optics and emotional responses, not about facts or truth in any way.  They believe that providing a gish gallop of fake news and random images to the people watching, sound bites and snippets can be culled 24/7 in the media.  Regardless of truth, the bombardment of images will leave many people believing that Trump did something wrong.  In reality, none of this has anything to do with anything for which Donald Trump is responsible.


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