Burbank, California, Mayor Konstantine Anthony, a Democrat, has received online backlash for receiving a spanking from a drag queen at a campaign fundraiser advertised for minors.

Libs of TikTok broke the story, writing: “Footage shows Mayor of Burbank, California (D) getting a spanking from a drag queen at a Democrat campaign event over the weekend which included children. He also previously defended giving kids pornographic books in schools.”

Libs of TikTok showed footage of Anthony receiving the spanking, found at WiseNuts Podcast on Instagram.


In the comments of the WiseNuts Podcast Instagram post, Anthony responded by saying “Jealous???”

There has been much debate online about the presence of children and/or minors at the campaign fundraiser.

The Santa Clarita Valley Democrats hosted the event.




*Images from Andrew Taban, Chair of Santa Clarita Valley Democrats, X Post*

Roxy Wood, the drag queen who performed at the event dubbed ‘Drag Queen Bingo,’ advertised the event for ages 15 and over.

The advertisement also stated: “Event not suitable for children.”

“The Mayor of Burbank who received a spanking from a drag queen at a campaign event is claiming the event was a private 21+ event. Weird cuz the drag queen advertised the event and it clearly says it’s open for ages 15+!” Libs of TikTok responded to an accusation from Konstantine Anthony for lying about the presence of minors.

Here’s more of the exchange:

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