Democrat Denver Mayor Mike Johnston isn’t immune to rising crime in ‘The Mile High City.’

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office confirmed to local media that his car was stolen.

FOX 31 reports:

The spokesperson declined to share more details about where it happened or what the vehicle looks like “to protect the safety of Mayor Johnston and his family.” So it’s unclear whether the theft happened in Denver or elsewhere.

According to a post on X, formally known as Twitter, this isn’t the first time Johnston’s car has been stolen.

In a post from Jan. 1, 2017, Johnston tweeted, “Help! My car just got stolen from Office Depot on 35th+quebec. Call 911 if seen (yes I painted my car orange+blue).”

It is unclear if Johnston’s car was ever recovered.

Joe Biden traveled to Colorado Tuesday to meet with Mayor Johnston and Gov. Jared Polis.

Per CBS News:

Biden will be in Denver on Tuesday for a campaign event. Then the president will head south to Pueblo on Wednesday where he plans to visit CS Wind, the largest wind tower manufacturer in the world.

He is expected to tout his economic plan and investments in clean energy.

Biden was met as he exited Air Force One by Gov. Jared Polis and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston.

According to The Denver Post, Johnston’s car was stolen around a month ago.

From The Denver Post:

Auto theft is a problem not even Denver Mayor Mike Johnston is immune to.

Johnston’s office confirmed to Denver7 the mayor’s car was stolen about a month ago. It has since been recovered, according to a spokesperson.

The mayor’s office did not release details about the theft, including where it happened, “to protect the safety of Mayor Johnston and his family.”



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