Bob Lee, whose achievements include launching Cash App and working as CFO for Square, was murdered during a trip back to San Francisco. In 2022 Lee left the corrupt city that has become known for high taxes, pollution, and crime for the city of Miami. Lee

Jake Shields, Champion UFC fighter, knew Lee well and spoke out on Lee’s untimely death, saying Lee had talked about San Francisco’s decline.

“He did comment on San Francisco deteriorating, which is why he actually had just relocated to Miami. So I’m not, I’m not sure why he’s going back there to get a little business back in San Francisco for a couple of days.”

Shield shared his thoughts on the type of person Lee was saying,

“He was) a good human being — he added to society, he was a good person, everyone loved him. He was really respected in the tech community but never talked about his accomplishments. Other people would tell me: ‘Oh ya, Bob’s a super big deal in the tech industry. It sucks that something happened to such a good person.” Shields continued, “Sometimes we’d disagree politically, but he’s a guy who would like to discuss and hear other perspectives.”

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Shields, who also opted to leave San Francisco after his girlfriend was robbed, responded sharply to those saying Bob Lee should not have been walking at 2:30 am, “People are blaming Bob Lee for getting murdered because he was walking at 2:30 am. He was in a neighborhood where apartments start at 5G a month. When we pay that much in taxes and are not protected, we are living in a failed city. These are the same pathetic losers who would blame a girl who was raped.”

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While many leftists continued to comment that Lee should have none better, Twitter users also called out the disturbing trend occurring among Democrats who try to normalize high levels of violence while simultaneously calling for weak prosecution of violent criminals and endorsing efforts to defund police. The logical conclusion is the deterioration of American cities is intentional.
NeoUnrealist responded to Shields’s tweet by saying,
“This is a bizarre mindset Democrats have that it is normal for a city to be so unlivable that you can not be outside any time of day or night. You can walk out in Tokyo, Seoul, or Beijing any time of night, 2 am or otherwise, and not reasonably fear being stabbed to death.”
Shield leaves behind two young daughters and is remembered as a good dad.


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