Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) had the nerve to post this on Twitter:

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Murphy is referring to this past Thursday when the President held a rally in the Senator’s home state. How can a Democrat like Murphy validly criticize the President when people of his own party are encouraging ‘peaceful protests’ that burn down our major cities? These so-called ‘protests’ are not meant to promote change, but to rapidly advance the Democrats’ plan to burn our nation to put blame on Trump in hopes to increase their chances of winning the election.

As the democrats cater to the radical left they become more blatant in their attacks against President Trump’s claiming he’s burning the country down and pushing the classic Russia collusion story, which has been proven false time and time again. Earlier this month, reported by 100%FedUP, Democrat Eric Swalwell attacked Republican Senators for calling out his fellow colleagues that were spreading false intelligence about the President’s ties to Russia.

Senators Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) were the Republican Senators responsible for sending a letter to top Democrats—House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff, Speaker Pelosi, Vice Chair of the Senate Intel Panel Mark Warner, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer—demanding that they stop lying to the American people. Congressman Swalwell seems to have forgotten that accusations go both ways.

The mainstream media, especially CNN,  joins these politicians in spreading lines attempting to botch Trump’s possible reelection; however, Jim Acosta and his cronies were destroyed by Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany quoting instances of CNN blatantly spreading lies. During said press briefing Acosta attempted to interrupt McEnany to which she fired back:

“Gotta let me finish Jim, this isn’t a cable network segment, I’m answering your question right now from the White House podium.”

Referring to the countless time in which CNN has muted guest’s microphones on live tv because they have a different opinion than the false narrative that CNN wants to push.

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