It’s too late for these countries who’ve been invaded by mostly young Muslim male refugees to turn back the clock. Bavaria is now being forced to do whatever they can to fight back against terrorism in their own backyards. You can’t allow millions of unchecked Muslim men to invade your sovereignty without paying an enormous price. Asking refugees to police refugees is like asking prisoners in a jail to police themselves. When mostly Muslim men have invaded a majority Catholic state, and are now being asked to police its citizens, what could possible go wrong?

Migrants will be increasingly recruited as police officers – those with and without German passports. Interior Minister Herrmann hopes this will produce a greater clear-up rate and a de-escalation of violence. The failures in the investigations of the NSU terror group have increased these efforts.

police officers

Bavaria will increasingly employ police officers with foreign roots. Experience has shown that they have a “more direct line” to people of immigrant origin, as they speak their language and know their mentality better, said Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) on Monday in Nuremberg. “I hope this will help police achieve better clear-up rates and conflict resolution.”

This is insane. I can see many Europeans rightly refusing to acknowledge the authority of police officers who are foreigners and don’t even have citizenship.

RT– In October, 2015, Bavarian Interior Minister threatened to file a constitutional complaint against the federal government unless it would implement efficient measures to curb the influx of refugees.

The Bavarian government stepped up pressure on Angela Merkel’s’ cabinet, demanding that the German government drop its policy of welcoming an unlimited number of refugees.

If “effective measures” are not taken to deal with the crisis, Bavaria will take the matter to the Constitutional Court and charge the German government with endangering “the legal capacity of the German states to act independently,” Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann announced after an emergency meeting of the Bavarian government on Friday.

“One [the German government] does not comply with the law and the other [Bavaria] wants the law to be complied with,” Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer said, commenting on the decision at the press conference following the meeting.

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