A ‘mass casualty event’ was declared in Fort Worth, Texas, after a gas explosion occurred at the Sandman Signature Hotel Monday afternoon.

The Fort Worth Police Department reported a major incident in downtown Fort Worth and advised people to avoid the area.

The first call came in at approximately 3:32 p.m. due to a “type of explosion.”

According to reports, there are as many as 11 people injured from the incident.

Rawsalerts writes:

Currently, numerous authorities and other law enforcement personnel are on the scene of a significant gas explosion at the Sandman Signature hotel in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Emergency responders have declared a mass casualty incident, noting windows blown out and a possible floor collapse in the interior. Numerous witnesses have reported hearing the explosion miles away. Police are urging everyone to avoid the area. This is still developing

CBS News reports:

According to MedStar, there are as many as 11 patients. One patient is reported as critically injured and two are seriously injured. All of the patients have minor injuries. Nine patients have been transported to local hospitals.

Craig Trojacek, the Public Information officer for the FWFD said through their investigation, it “looks like it is more of some sort of gas leak;” however, he added they are not sure if the smell of gas was caused by the explosion or fire or if it is what caused the explosion.

Per Fox News:

The explosion reportedly took place near W. 7th Street and Houston Street, at the Sandman Hotel.

Pictures sent to Fox 4 showed the windows of the bottom floor of the hotel blown out.

Debris was scattered all over the street outside, including slabs of concrete and piles of rubble. The images also showed a giant gaping hole in the sidewalk next to the building.

Several people reported hearing a loud noise in the area, others reported smelling natural gas.

Right now, it is unclear exactly what caused the reported explosion.

The Fort Worth Fire Department posted to X that if anyone is looking for a loved one that may have been involved in the incident, they should go to Sundance Square at 420 Main Street.


This story is developing!

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