Hundreds of pro-Palestine protestors marched to Joe Biden’s Delaware home on Saturday to greet the White House resident on another weekend at his Wilmington residence.

“President Biden is returning to his Delaware home on Saturday — only a short distance from hundreds of protesters accusing him of genocide,” Fox News reports.

“Biden, Biden, you can’t hide! We charge you with genocide!” the protestors reportedly chanted.

Other reported chants include: “No Ceasefire, No Vote” and “In November, We Remember.”


Additional footage:

Fox News reports:

Protesters are pushing for Biden to push for a ceasefire in Gaza as Israel continues its ground invasion of Hamas-controlled territory.

Left-wing activist Linda Sarsour, a child of Palestinian immigrants to the U.S., spoke at the protest.

The U.S. says Israel has agreed to daily pauses in fighting to allow aid into Gaza, but both the U.S. and Israel oppose a cease-fire.

There remain roughly 240 Hamas hostages in Gaza, and 10 of them are believed to be Americans.

The Hamas-run Gaza health ministry claims more than 10,300 Gazans have been killed in the fighting, though they do not distinguish between Palestinian civilians and Hamas terrorists.

The protest at Joe Biden’s personal residence follows pro-Palestine protestors descending on BlackRock and The New York Times.

Per Deadline:

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators who were a part of a larger protest in Midtown Manhattan entered the New York Times building and occupied the lobby tonight.

It began when what looked like thousands of demonstrators carrying Palestinian flags and signs that read “Free Palestine” and “End the Occupation Now,” gathered outside the building, chanting “shut it down” in unison.

From Watcher Guru:

A group of pro-Palestine activists staged a protest at the global investment management corporation BlackRock’s headquarters in Manhattan on Thursday.

Carrying banners reading “Shut down genocide profiteers, free Palestine,” numerous protesters entered the lobby of BlackRock’s offices chanting slogans.


Now, the protests have reached Joe Biden’s Delaware residence.

The Messenger added:

Biden has been supportive of Israel’s right to defend itself since the Oct. 7 attack on the nation by pro-Palestine terror group Hamas that left over 1,400 Israelis dead.

Supporters of Palestine have been critical of that support as Israel has launched counterattacks on Gaza, where Hamas is based, resulting in a humanitarian crisis where civilians have been caught in the crossfire.

Israel agreed to a humanitarian pause, whereby they ceased military actions for four hours to allow aid to be delivered to civilians in Gaza.

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