Marjorie Taylor Greene expressed what many conservatives believe, Fox News just flushed their network down the drain. She said Fox News is about to feel the angry backlash that will come with Tucker Carlson leaving. Greene said it was a result of the news station caving to the woke agenda,

“Cable news is about to be taught a powerful lesson after Fox News caved to the woke mob and fired Tucker Carlson,’ she tweeted. ‘Americans no longer blindly watch the news like they did decades ago, they only watch the ones who have courage to tell the truth. Americans are about to quit watching.”

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MTG is likely right about the future of Fox News. Social media platforms lit up with anger over the unexpected removal of Tucker Carlson, one of the few trusted voices in the mainstream media. Carlson’s show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, was the highlight of Fox’s evening line-up, drawing in 3.5 million viewers every night.
One tweet encouraged Elon Musk to buy Fox News; another user said he would not be watching Fox News any longer. He is canceling Fox Nation.

Entrepreneur and venture capitalist David Sacks tweeted that Fox was falling and joked, “Tonight I’ll be watching Fox News drinking Bud Light. Not.”


Another Twitter account mocked the decision calling Fox News the new Bud Light as the network braces for mammoth financial loss. When Bud Light opted to make Trans activist Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male, the centerpiece for a new ad campaign celebrating women, the company suffered immediate financial loss and has now replaced the woke marketing VP who designed the disastrous campaign.

Even though Bud Light suffered tremendous financial loss, Fox News opted to follow in their wake and will now get a clear perspective on who their target audience is. “Fox News and Bud light announce Tucker Carlson’s replacement.”


Even some of Carlson’s closest staff were left in the dark. They did not know his show had been canceled. Some were informed about the decision after reading about it for the first time on Twitter. One senior staffer working closely with Tucker’s show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, told,
“No one I know was told about it beforehand. We were blindsided.”
Another inside source said he still has no idea why he was let go so suddenly. Many staffers are now speculating that the move may be part of a plan for the Murdoch family to sell the media company. However, it seems strange to financially harm a company you intend to sell.
Twitter user Joey Alvy shared hopes that Tucker Carlson would consider going into politics next, running for VP alongside America’s favorite President, Donald Trump. “Fox News just had their bud light moment. They fired Tucker Carlson, and the backlash was immediate. Here’s a thought, Tucker should run as Vice President with President Trump…”

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