Can this administration get any more obtuse?

Joe Biden outrageously told George Stephanopoulos that “…We don’t have military in Syria,” despite having 900 troops stationed there.


Earlier we reported on Joe Biden’s penchant for making false statements, whether intentional or out of sheer confusion.

During an interview last night, Joe Biden made several false statements. One of the statements is a complete denial that people are being killed at or near the airport in Kabul. Watch below as Joe Biden tries to lie his way out of responsibility for the deaths of numerous people in Afghanistan:

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More clips from the interview shows just how out-of-touch Biden is with what’s going on in Afghanistan:

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos interviewed Joe Biden, and it can only be described as a car-wreck of an interview. Biden was dismissive of any truth that came his way. He even dismissed the fact that Afghans were falling out of planes by saying, “That was four or five days ago!” No, Joe, it was just two days ago. But that’s not the point. When it happened has nothing to do with the fact that it happened and is a tragedy. He ignored that.

Biden also tried to say that no matter what, the pull-out in Afghanistan would be chaotic. This is not true. It’s a fact that Biden ignored President Trump’s plan to withdraw in stages. Mark Levin set the record straight in the video below where he talks about how Trump had a plan, and it was not to withdraw the way Biden did, leaving people stranded.

Joe also says he doesn’t think the Afghanistan withdrawal was a failure, and still seemingly agrees with his past assessment that a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was “highly unlikely”.

In response to all of the brazen lies, finger-pointing, blame-shifting, confusion, falsehoods, and denials coming out of the White House, one astute commenter on YouTube remarked:
“All the people who voted for him are currently rolling in their graves .”


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