Conservative filmmaker, author, and speaker, Dinesh D’Souza has done it again. In Dinesh’s first movie, “2016: Obama’s America”, he was able to expose the truth about Barack Obama’s upbringing and how it affected his view of America. D’Souza brilliantly laid out Obama’s radical agenda for America and warned every one of the danger the man Americans knew so little about when they elected him, posed to our nation. In his next political movie, “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of The Democratic Party”, D’Souza set out to expose the dirty little secret of the Democrat Party and how throughout history, Republicans have fought against the Democrat Party to give minorities equal rights. D’Souza’s movies, directed by Gerald R. Molen, are visually stunning and filled with inconvenient facts about the Left, the dirty tactics they employ to win at all costs and the truth about their radical agenda for America.

On Friday, D’Souza’s most recent film, “Death of a Nation” will make it’ debut, and the Left is already circling the wagons in an attempt to destroy its credibility. 

Every American needs to see this movie and understand the truth that the media won’t tell you about the Democrat Party and the leftist agitators who support them…

Dinesh D’Souza, a filmmaker, and author of several New York Times bestsellers has debunked powerful political myths that are alive in our culture. In previous works, he has shown that the claim that the Republican Party is the party of racism is a lie. He has also shown that the notion that fascism and Nazism are ideologies of the “right,” rather than the “left,” is based on a false framing of history.

Yesterday, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about the premiere of Dinesh D’Souza’s “Death of A Nation”. Trump Jr. will join D’Souza for the DC premiere tomorrow in DC:

D’Souza spoke with Variety magazine about the premiere. D’Souza said he wasn’t sure if President Trump has seen the movie or if he has plans to see the movie. 

The Democrat Plantation

According to D’Souza, the plantation system of the Democratic Party has gone through five phases, starting with the plantations that used black slaves, leading to today’s plantation system where minorities are rendered dependent on Democrat policies, using wealth the party takes from American taxpayers.

The key shift from the slave system of the south into today’s plantation system started with Martin Van Buren, eighth president of the United States from 1837 to 1841 and a leader of the New York Democratic Party. “Van Buren figured out that in the south there are slaves, but in the north, there are poor penniless immigrants pouring into America: the Irish, the Italians, the Jews, and so on.”

According to D’Souza, Van Buren had a realization that while he couldn’t directly use the slave system elsewhere, he could “create a system in which these immigrants can be completely dependent on the Democratic Party.” The Democratic Party would give them food, job references, and occasional help finding apartments; and in exchange, the immigrants would vote the Democrats into power to enable them to take money from the U.S. Treasury so they could finance the programs.

Through this system, D’Souza said, “the northern political machines which dominated the Democratic Party really for more than a century were themselves modeled on the slave plantation, except they didn’t use black slaves—they used newly-arriving immigrants.”

The Democrat social welfare programs financed by heavy taxation have largely targeted minority groups, he said, and have led to the often hopeless situations in today’s ghettos, barrios, and Native American reservations. He said, “all these places are very similar—they’re places where people are poor, where education is terrible, where nobody gets ahead, where families are in disarray, where there’s a lot of violence, and where there’s a lot of despair and nihilism, and where the vast, vast majority of people keep voting Democratic.”

The Lie of the ‘Fascist’ Right

D’Souza said the new film tells this story as well, but also includes elements from his recent book, “The Big Lie.” He said, “the core theme of the movie is to refute the race card and the fascism card. The race card is the Democrat idea that racism is now on the right, that’s it’s a phenomenon of the Republican Party and of Trump; and the fascism card is that fascism is on the right, and it’s now a phenomenon of Trump and the conservatives.”

“The movie takes on these two incendiary accusations,” he said, “and pins the racist and fascist tale not on the Republican elephant, but on the Democratic donkey.”

He noted that the main difference between communism and fascism is very minor: communism pushed for international socialism, and fascism pushed for national socialism. “That’s not a big difference. That’s smaller than the difference between say the Shia and the Sunnis in the Muslim world, and yet the Shia and the Sunnis have had bloody battles that go back for centuries. Sometimes groups that are quite similar ideologically have terrible wars based either on fine points of doctrine or for competition for followers.”

Historically, even direct communist regimes such as the Soviet Union and the Chinese Communist Party have switched between the ideas of “international socialism” and “national socialism,” depending on their varying objectives.

D’Souza also noted that another neo-Nazi organizer of the Charlottesville riots was Jason Kessler, who “has a history of leftist politics—he was an Obama supporter, and he was an Occupy Wall Street guy.” He noted that Kessler’s leftist history was well known, and was even stated on the Southern Poverty Law Center website. A Charlottesville newspaper did an exposé on Kessler that also detailed this background, noting that he even broke up with his girlfriend because she was too conservative, D’Souza said.

“All of this was out there, but the press didn’t touch it,” D’Souza said, “because they knew that to expose Kessler as a leftist was to undermine the whole beautiful story in which Charlottesville was proof that white supremacy is a Trump phenomenon.”

“Think about it this way: there’s no evidence that neo-nazis or KKK members voted for Trump. No-one has ever done an empirical survey that shows that ” D’Souza said. “So the only proof of something that is taken to be conventional wisdom is a few images drawn from Charlottesville of white nationalists wearing MAGA hats and cheering Trump. This anecdote, this handful of guys, is supposed to clinch the whole case. And that’s why counterexamples are devastating because the whole case hinges on so few examples.” – Epoch Times

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