Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is possibly one of the most unpopular mayors the city of Chicago has ever endured—and that’s saying a lot!

Yesterday, Chicago voters took to the polls to elect their next mayor. Unfortunately, for the classless thug, Lori Lightfoot, very few Chicago residents wanted to see her complete another disastrous term.

Mayoral candidates needed to get over 50% of the vote to win. Anything less than 50% would cause a runoff election to take place. Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas, a former Chicago Public Schools CEO, received 35% of the vote, and Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson came in second place with 20% of the vote. The incumbent mayor, Lori Lightfoot, only managed to get a dismal 16.5% vote and, as a result, was knocked out of the runoff election for the office of Chicago Mayor.

Brandon Johnson (L), and Paul Vallas (R)

Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson will appear on the ballot in the run-off election on April 4th.

We’ve compiled a list of Lori Lightfoot’s top 5 most shameful moments, which should shed light on her humiliating loss.

#1. June 26, 2021: Lori Lightfoot berates Newsmax reporter, then lies about crime statistics in Chicago:

In 2021, violence was at an all-time high in Chicago. A Newsmax reporter confronted Mayor Lightfoot on the sharp increase of violent crime in Chicago under her watch. Instead of addressing his question, Lightfoot lied about crime statistics, berated him, and attacked him for working for a “conservative” magazine.


According to Hey Jackass, a website that tracks violent crimes in Chicago, there were 855 homicides in the City of Chicago in 2021, compared to 2020, which had an astounding 798 homicides.

#2 March 3, 3022: Lightfoot is sued by former Park DA. In his lawsuit, he claims the lesbian mayor berated her staff over the removal of a Christopher Columbus statue, telling them: My d*ck is bigger than yours and the Italians…I have the biggest d*ck in Chicago!”

BREAKING: Chicago Lesbian Mayor Sued By Former Park DA…Lawsuit Claims She Berated Staff Over Christopher Columbus Statue: My d*ck is bigger than yours and the Italians…I have the biggest d*ck in Chicago!”

#3. On August 9, 2020, Chicago turned into a war zone as hundreds (possibly thousands) of looters destroyed the Miracle Mile and other stores across Chicago to show unity with BLM rioters across America following the death of George Floyd. In addition, draw bridges were lifted, and massive City of Chicago construction trucks blocked exits out of the city.

Watch the incredible videos at the link below.

Incredible: Third-World Chicago Opens Draw Bridges To Prevent Looters From Leaving City…Video Shows Driver Smashing Out Luxury Storefront Window While Looters Cheer

#4. When Lori Lightfoot demanded all Chicago Police officers accept an experimental COVID jab or be fired during one of the most violent years in Chicago history, the Chicago Police Union boss had a blistering two-word response to the authoritarian mayor:

Chicago Police Union Sends TWO-Word Response To Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Vaccine Mandate Announcement

#5. Mayor Lightfoot issued a “call to arms” after the US Supreme Court reversed the Roe vs. Wade decision. While protesters began to surround the Supreme Court Justices’ homes to threaten them over their decision, Chicago’s classless and vulgar Mayor Lori Lightfoot stood on a stage and shouted “F*ck Clarence Thomas!” from a microphone in front of a group of people attending a concert.

Mayor Lightfoot shouted, “If you read Clarence Thomas’ concurrence, he said,” she paused for a moment to acknowledge an audience member. “Thank you!” she shouted in a raspy voice. The angry mayor, in the most classless possible way, then shouted, “F*ck Clarence Thomas!” at the audience. The MC at the concert echoed her vulgar remark as the crowd that Lightfoot whipped into a frenzy cheered.

“He thinks we’re gonna stand idly by while he takes our rights, our rights to marry, our rights to have children!” the militant mayor shouted. Is Lightfoot calling for an insurrection? It sure sounds like it.


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