The Supreme Court heard oral arguments for Dobbs V. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on Wednesday.  The case has the potential to significantly roll back access to abortion and undo much of Roe V. Wade.  The court seemed opened to upholding Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban as the court’s conservative justices seemed skeptical of the defendant’s arguments.  The left has responded by having a full scale meltdown, from arguing that we should pack the courts to attacking conservative Supreme Court Justices.  Now, California has vowed to become an “abortion sanctuary state” and may even use taxpayer money to fly women out to get abortions in the state.  ABC News Reports

Protestors, clinic escorts and/or exteriors of Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a Center client.

“With more than two dozen states poised to ban abortion if the U.S. Supreme Court gives them the OK next year, California clinics and their allies in the state Legislature on Wednesday revealed a plan to make the state a “sanctuary” for those seeking reproductive care, including possibly paying for travel, lodging and procedures for people from other states.

California has some of the most lax abortion laws in the country.  The state forces private insurance companies to cover abortion procedures, which are covered by the state’s Medicaid program as well.  The state also allows minors to get abortions without parental consent.

After the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for Dobbs V. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, liberal politicians took to social media to voice their support for abortion and advocate for packing the courts.

“A ‘conservative’ court would uphold precedent. But a ‘partisan’ court may not — and this may be the most partisan court in history,” Rep. Adam Schiff said in response to the case.  “We must protect a woman’s right to choose.”

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