IT Expert Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, inventor of the QR code, has become an outspoken defender of free and fair elections in Georgia. He has spoken publicly about voter fraud and explained exactly how it happened, and in doing so, he has become a thorn in the side of those who are pretending voter fraud never happened.

Yesterday,  he tweeted about an attack on the home of one of his team members in Atlanta.  According to Pulitzer, “One team member’s home took 5 shots through the windows in a drive-by. Right through his daughter’s bedroom window.”

Here is his tweet:

Moments ago, Pulitzer released an email that he received from the far-left AP’s “fact-checking” team asking him to provide evidence of the “alleged attack” on his team member, including his team member’s name.  In their email, the AP “fact-checkers” accused Pulitzer of using stock footage in his tweet and asked him to provide a police report to verify his claim.

Here’s the email sent to Pulitzer by AP “fact-checkers”

Pulitzer sent a scathing reply, as he explained to them, “Logic would dictate that if one knew of a crime about to occur, (the only way you could have real-time footage) that one would not be there to document such but instead alert the police and attempt to stop such crime from being committed. The badass inventor who has the left squirming with his voter fraud testimony, told the AP “fact-checking” team to direct any questions to his attorney.



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