Democratic Governors continue to mishandle the Covid-19 pandemic with deadly and inhumane consequences.  This week, we reported that New Jersey had to pay out a multi-millon dollar settlement to families of relatives that died in nursing homes of Covid-19.  Now, in California, an LA hospital  left 19 dead bodies out in the rain for hours.  The Daily Mail Reports

“A California hospital is being criticized for leaving the bodies of nearly 20 COVID-19 patients lying outside in the rain before security guards could eventually move them to a refrigerated morgue.

Soaking wet body bags are seen piled up outside the Los Angeles-based Memorial Hospital of Gardena, owned by Pipeline Health System, in footage captured by CBSLA. Employees are also seen in the footage rearranging the body bags of 19 deceased COVID-19 patients and carrying them into a mobile freezer in the hospital’s parking lot.

A morgue inside the hospital could only hold six bodies, which has posed difficulties throughout the pandemic, a hospital spokesperson told CBSLA.

The spokesperson added that the mobile freezer outside the hospital is kept at 34 degrees Fahrenheit, the necessary temperature to store the bodies, and denied that the bodies were left out in the rain.”

While hospital employees denied the allegations, witnesses said that they saw bodily fluids on the body bags, meaning that there would be no possible way that the bodies were being stored at 34 degrees.

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