Thompson Ranch Elementary School in El Mirage, Arizona, went into lockdown  after reports of a suspicious person on campus.
Likely reminded of the 21 people who died inside Robb Elementary school late last Spring; while police waited outside, parents at Thompson Ranch did not want to wait for their children. Instead, it is being reported that they attempted to enter the school. This is what happens when parents lose trust in law enforcement to protect their kids from a potential shooter.

According to Daily Beast, law enforcement barricaded the entry but determined parents attempted to enter anyway. Several parents ended up being tased as they tried to reach their children. There are also reports of arrests made. However, it is unclear if they will face charges.

Police did not immediately locate the suspicious person and later deemed the school safe, with no threat to the public. However, Police are watching for a man with a forehead tattoo who may be armed.
Darlene Gonzalez and her son were trying to pick her daughter up from school. And she had a different perspective on what took place. She said parents were not jumping gates or charging in.

Gonzalez said parents were directed to move to the library after the principal announced the lockdown had ended. That’s when things got rocky, “there were a handful of officers,” and “the officers did not follow protocol,” she said.
Officers can be seen restraining Gonzales, and she said she fell to the ground and hit her head. Reports say her son was arrested during the scuffle. Gonzalez said she was trying to communicate with the Police about what was going on when things went south. She told the media the Police behavior did not make sense. “We did not try charging in.” Gonzales clarified.

The repercussions of the incompetent handling of the mass murder in Uvalde, Texas, at an elementary school will be felt for a long time. There is an abundance of gratitude that the Thompson Ranch Elementary School families were spared similar devastation.


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