West Side brawl in Chicago caught on video…why so angry? If black lives matter then why are blacks constantly fighting each other. We could report 24/7 on the latest black on black fight. It’s unreal!

A neighbor living nearby, who asked that his name not be used, fearing retaliation, said he wasn’t shocked by the video at all. “I’ve seen worse than that outside of my window,” the neighbor said. “This is not out of the ordinary. And I’m not shocked to see the police just standing there.

The video of the fight at West Jackson Boulevard and South Western Avenue on Monday afternoon has been shared on Facebook more than 1,800 times. The video was posted with the caption “The Jungle Went Up.”

In the minute-long video, dozens of people, mostly young men, are captured fighting, throwing punches in the street and disrupting traffic near Golden Fish & Chicken. At one point, the mob appears to target one young man who is knocked to the ground, punching him and kicking him.

As cars zoom around the fight, a lone Chicago Police SUV can be seen stopped at the middle of the intersection. A police officer standing outside the SUV does not appear to intervene.

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Another Report On Chicago Violence:

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