Seattle’s Black Lives Matter spinoff, affectionately know as “CHOP” or Chop Zone, is a hot mess. Four shootings inside or around the playground for left-wing radicals have taken place in the past nine days at the cop-free, autonomous zone created by anarchists and BLM comrades.

Last week, we reported about a shooting victim in Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP Zone who now wants to sue the police for not showing up fast enough for him.

The whole idea of the Marxist BLM spinoff, autonomous CHOP zone, is that police aren’t supposed to be allowed inside their artificial boundaries.

There were barricades up in Seattle’s CHAZ, so when the police officers were finally escorted in, the people of CHAZ harassed them.

Does this gunshot victim not understand what the word “autonomous” means?

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This guy should sue the mayor and governor of his state for allowing this insanity:

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The ‘Warlord’ of CHAZ/CHOP filmed himself asking for help from Seattle medics and is shocked when the medics refuse to attend to a gunshot victim in the ‘Autonomous Zone.’

Perhaps Raz the ‘Warlord’ doesn’t understand that autonomous means you’re on your own and need to set up your own services. This is what these people want, right?

The Daily Mail is now reporting on the death of a black 16-year-old boy dead and a 14-year-old boy who was seriously injured at the CHOP zone.

Surveillance video of a shooting at Seattle’s CHOP zone that left a black 16-year-old boy dead and a 14-year-old seriously injured shows gunfire ringing out as the Jeep the teens were in plowed into a barricade and a man screaming: ‘Oh you’re not dead yet?’.

Homicide detectives said they are investigating after the two teenagers were shot in a white Jeep near a makeshift barrier around the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone at about 3am on Monday.

Those inside the zone say CHOP security guards, who are self-appointed and heavily armed, started shooting at the Jeep only after the teens opened fire on them and drove into a barricade.

Police say witnesses told 911 dispatchers that they saw several unidentified people firing shots into the vehicle but made no made no mention of whether the teens were armed and fired first.

In surveillance video, multiple gunshots could be heard in the distance in the minutes before the Jeep could be seen tearing around the corner.

A female CHOP protester could be heard screaming for their self-appointed security to have their ‘eyes up’ because there were ‘two people with guns’ in a ‘stolen white Jeep’.

When the Jeep came around the corner moments later, at least three loud gunshots could be heard before the teens crashed into the barricade. About a dozen shots were fired after the car crashed. It is not clear from the footage who the first gunshots came from.

A male could be heard in the surveillance screaming: ‘Get on the ground’, ‘Oh you’re not dead huh?’ and ‘You want to get pistol-whipped?’

Police Chief Carmen Best said that this was the second African-American victim to be killed in the CHOP.

She told reporters on Monday: ‘It’s very unfortunate that we have another murder in this area identified as the CHOP’.

Adding: ‘At a place where they claim to be working for Black Lives Matter but they’re gone. They’re dead now. And, we’ve had multiple other incidents — assaults, rapes, robbery, shootings — so this is something that’s going to need to change.’

The 19-year-old CHOP shooting victim, Lorenzo Anderson, Jr.

Lorenzo Anderson Jr., 19, was shot dead on Saturday, June 20 in the vicinity of the CHOP zone, with another left critically injured – police said they had tried to get to the victims but were met with a crowd of angry protesters who screamed at them.

The teenager’s father Horace Lorenzo Anderson said he believes the zone should go, claiming it is no longer a protest.

He told local news channel Kiro7: ‘This doesn’t look like a protest to me no more. That just looks like they just took over and said we can take over whenever we want to.’

On Monday Police Chief Best said detectives had searched the jeep involved in the latest shooting but it was clear people had gone into the vehicle before police could investigate.

‘The typical things we search for in a case like this, or in a shooting like this, weren’t there, and it was abundantly clear to our detectives – people had been in and out of the car after the shooting,’ she said.

‘Detectives are trying to get information from witnesses, but as has been the case in other crime scenes up in this area, people are not being cooperative with our requests for help.

‘We’re not sure who shot at the car or why they shot at the car.’

It is the fourth shooting in, or near, the CHOP zone in nine days.

Members of CHOP security openly carry around pistols and other weapons. One member has previously been seen brandishing an AK-47.

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