An emotional English gentleman says he was categorically refused an appointment when he phoned his doctor back in February.

The doctor’s office would not see him, seemingly out of fear during the pandemic, and instead asked him to take a picture and send the photo into the office.

His physician “diagnosed” the ill man who is identified only as ‘Nick’, and prescribed him an antibiotic. Between sorrowful sobs, Nick says he took the medication for over a week, but several weeks later, having gotten worse and at his wife’s urging, he again called the doctor, who once more refused to see him.

“I’ve been double jabbed, I’ll wear a mask, I’ll even wear rubber gloves, but I insist on seeing a doctor,” Nick begged.

Finally, his doctor agreed to see him in person, and after examining him sent him on to a specialist.

Nick says he has since been diagnosed with cancer, and while weeping says, “I was told because of the delay, it was not (unintelligible) and I’ve got less than 12-months to live…It’s just disgraceful. If the doctor had seen me back in February I’m sure they could’ve been able to operate and remove it.”

There is power in prayer. Please share Nick’s story and encourage others to pray he survives his ordeal.

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