President Donald Trump is making quite a name for himself in the White House. A booming economy, stock market, and making new deals with countries like Mexico is just a few of the ways he’s making America great again. While he’s doing all of that, his son Donald Trump Jr. is also making his own waves. In fact, he just unleashed a two-sentence tsunami that flooded Chelsea Handler’s dreams with jokes, laughter, and a sniveling bit of sarcasm that you simply have to love.

Trump Jr. said one thing that many might consider funnier than anything Chelsea Handler could do, which isn’t hard if you have a history of getting canceled – ain’t that right, Chelsea?

It all started when Handler tried to sucker-punch Trump Jr. with a ridiculous comment saying “I can’t wait for Donald Trump junior to flip on his father. That’s going to be awesome.” This must be in regards to whatever investigation is going on trying to prove that the president did something wrong. We’re about halfway through Trump’s first term as president and he still hasn’t been impeached, but people like Mueller keep digging and finding nothingburgers. Then you have people like Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffin who got fired from representing Squatty Potty (that’s super embarrassing), that other girl who got canceled (what’s her name, she’s boring as anything) oh – that’s right Michelle Fox Wolf and Alyssa Milano – someone who hasn’t been relevant in acting since that make-believe witch show.

They do their usual takes on the Trump family and think that people actually take them serious. Maybe a few hardcore liberals do, but many people who are a bit smarter don’t really pay mind to the outspoken celebrities reaching for relevance.

It wasn’t that shocking when Chelsea Handler said this about Trump Jr. because that’s what we’ve grown to expect from people who seem to spend more time hating Trump than they do on their acting or show business career.

Trump Jr. wasn’t having it.

He cranked a 600-foot homerun and it only took two sentences to literally obliterate Chelsea Handler. Donald Trump Jr. said “I’d say stick to comedy but you weren’t funny enough to avoid cancellation of your Netflix show. Stay away from politics — no reason to suck at two things.”


Look folks – when you’re running around acting like you’re a comedian and then you attack people, but aren’t funny enough to attack them, and you get owned by someone who is not a comedian, then it’s time to quit.

Donald Trump Jr. is no comedian. Not one bit, but what he said right there had people thinking OUCH!!! WOW!!! GOTCHA!!!

That’s the comeback of the century from him to Chelsea. Now that she’s been put back in her place of irrelevance, we should wait to see if she responds.

Sometimes you just need to admit you’re defeated and concede. Hillary took off running to another country where she toppled down the steps. It’s time for her followers to do the same. Admit defeat and back off. Otherwise, people like Donald Trump Jr. are going to talk back and if there’s one thing we know, it’s that failed comedians and people with canceled shows shouldn’t try to square up with someone on the Internet if they have nothing worth saying.

Trump Jr. crushed Chelsea Handler and that’s the bottom line!


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