Anyone choosing to get married at Mar-A-Lago in the current political climate would be tickled orange if Donald Trump crashed their wedding and said a few words about anything.  And, they’d probably agree with it all.

Well, for one lucky couple that happened this weekend.

The Gateway Pundit Reports

Former President Donald Trump crashed a wedding reception at his Mar-a-Lago resort on Saturday night.

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The lucky couple who received the surprise guest were John and Megan Arrigo.

Trump drew big laugher from the crowd as he took jabs at the current administration.

During the speech, Trump touched on many of his common talking points regarding the political landscape, today.  This included harsh criticisms of the Biden administration’s disastrous foreign policy, including with China, Iran, and especially Mexico:

“Look, it’s a disaster. It’s a humanitarian disaster from their standpoint and it’s going to destroy the country — and frankly the country can’t afford it,” Trump said.


This is not the first time Donald Trump has crashed a wedding.  It happened in previous years as well, including 2019:

And 2017:

And, likely other times as well.

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