One thing Donald Trump is really great at is delivering one-liners that resonate with people because they’re true. This is why Trump will win in a landslide! Americans are so sick of the pandering politicians who sugar-coat everything. Trump is a refreshing change and oh so witty. Here’s an epic one-liner on the PGA move from Miami to Mexico:

“I hope they have kidnapping insurance.”

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is responding to the PGA moving the 2017 World Golf Championship to Mexico instead of holding it at Trump Doral in Miami.

“They move the World Golf Championships from Miami to Mexico City,” Trump commented. “They moved the PGA Tour, moved the World Golf Championships from Miami, where they’re furious to Mexico City.”

“If I become your president, this stuff is all going to stop,” Trump added. He went on to criticize the U.S. economy for being taken advantage of by Mexico.

The PGA Tour said the move happens because it couldn’t find sponsors, according to BBC.

Trump argued the PGA “put profit ahead of thousands of American jobs.”

Timothy Finchem, PGA Tour commissioner, suggested Trump’s profile made it “difficult” to get sponsors.
“It’s fundamentally a sponsorship issue,” Finchem added. “Donald Trump is a brand, a big brand, and when you’re asking a company to invest millions of dollars in branding a tournament and they’re going to share that brand with the host, it’s a difficult decision.”

Finchem insisted the move isn’t political.

Trump slammed the decision, saying it’s a “sad day for Miami, the U.S. and the game of golf. This decision only further embodies the very reason I am running for president of the United States.”

“I hope they have kidnapping insurance,” Trump stated during an interview with Fox News.

Via: Breitbart

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