The mainstream media hyped ‘labor activism’ by tech workers this year.  Even though tech workers are often treated very well, many tech employees are organizing to make sure their companies are in alignment with them on social justice issues.  In 2018, company wide walkouts began at Google because the company had contracts with the U.S Immigration And Customs Enforcement agency.  In 2021, Netflix employees staged a walkout because the streaming app refused to take down his show.  Despite this attempt at labor activism by tech workers, tech employees are Doordash were disgusted when they were told they would have to do a couple hours a month of blue collar work.  SFGate Reports-


“MarketWatch first reported that the WeDash program, which was launched when the service was founded, is making its return in January after being paused during the pandemic. A spokesperson for DoorDash confirmed its return to SFGATE.

But a 1,500-comment thread on Blind, the anonymous social media platform for techies and other white-collar types, was started last week by one disgruntled DoorDash worker.

An engineer with a reported total compensation, or TC, of $400,000 a year griped about the responsibility of having to do a once-a-month delivery. “What the actual f—k?” the engineer wrote on the platform. “I didn’t sign up for this, there was nothing in the offer letter/job description about this.”

(Blind requires all users to register using an email for the company they’re employed with, meaning the likelihood of this post being falsified are slim.)

While some people replied to the original post to say it would be a helpful opportunity to develop empathy and learn about the myriad frustrations of delivery workers, others sided with the original poster.

“Not acceptable in anyway!” said one.”

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