Dr. Anthony Fauci was all over the news yesterday with speculation about the future and the past with coronavirus. He told CNN and MSNBC what they wanted to hear with veiled criticisms of President Trump and doom and gloom predictions about the future with coronavirus.

One interesting response was the one about voting in the November elections. There has been a big push by Democrats to have mail-in voting in November. Is Fauci pushing the agenda of the left?

The host of CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ Jake Tapper asked Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday if he thought it will be safe in November for voters to go to vote at the polls.

His answer:

“I hope so, Jake. I can’t guarantee it.”

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“However, and I don’t want to be the pessimistic person, there is always the possibility, as we get into next fall and the beginning of early winter, that we could see a rebound.”

“So, number one, I hope we don’t have a rebound that would make this very difficult as we get into November. But if we do, and there certainly is a possibility, I’m a realist, it certainly is a possibility, hopefully, we’ll be able to respond to that rebound in a much more effective way than what we’ve seen now in January, February, March.”

The reality is that if people are going to the grocery store, then they can go to the polls in November.

Is there an agenda with this “expert”? We’d like to know what you think.


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