The Left continues to try and normalize bringing children to drag shows and exposing them to overtly sexual content. It remains a mystery to many people why anyone would bring their kid to a drag show and force them to watch scantily-clad men parade around in thongs.

However, disturbing videos of children at drag shows continue to surface.

Libs of TikTok recently posted a video of a “family-friendly” drag show at a Texas community center where one of the acts – a bearded man in a skin-tight leotard – gave a sexually explicit toast.

The drag queen prefaced the toast, admitting that although inappropriate, he was going to say it anyway. “Now, I’m going to do a quick little cheers that I normally do – I mean, I know there’s little babies here but… close your ears,” he said.

“Cheers to you, cheers to me, cheers to the ones that lick us where we pee.”

After making this unnecessary speech, he proceeded to strut around the venue in his thong bodysuit and collect tips from the children that were present.

Following this ‘performance,’ another man in drag awkwardly pranced around, stopping to dance in front of one of the kids in the audience before collecting a tip from them.

At the end of his performance, he threw his tips into the air, having some of the kids run and pick up the bills.

“And thank you to our little helpers running up here picking up her money,” said one of the drag queens. “That right there is our future guys.”

One Twitter user commented, “Most states have fairly strict local govmt codes that regulate/restrict sexually oriented businesses, (esp ones serving alcohol) e.g. strip clubs. These shows arguably meet the SOB legal def (they’re traveling SOBs). Has anyone ever challenged these municipalities on enforcement?”

Sara Gonzales, the Executive Director of Defend Our Kids TX, responded to this question, saying, “I’m working with several different legislators to make sure “sexually oriented” businesses is properly defined to include this.”

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