Drama Queen alert! Democratic Rep. John Garamendi was way off base in comments he made about President Trump to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. He threatened the president by calling him a “security risk” and then said, “we have to get this guy out of there.”

Isn’t this dangerous rhetoric that could prompt an angry Democrat into acting out violence against the president? Can you imagine if the tables were turned and someone said this about Obama? The left would be tossing the guy out of congress. Since it’s President Trump, you hear nothing from the left…it’s crickets.

The tired old Stormy Daniels story was brought up with more false claims about what went on. The left is trying everything they can to keep this salacious story in the news.

Wolf Blitzer waited until a little later in the interview to question Garamendi’s threats:

Blitzer said “get this guy out of there” are “strong words.”

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Garamendi replied, “Those are very strong words. I’ve had it with this president”


The left is out there threatening President Trump with no pushback from Democrats or main stream media. This is dangerous! While censorship of conservatives increases, the left is becoming more and more threatening and vocal against a president who was elected by the people. How can the political parties accomplish anything if we have people like this congressman spewing hate for Trump? It’s a DEAD END!

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