The “Dreamers” are turning on the Democrats for their inaction in helping to find a permanent solution to DACA. Just like when they turned on Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi a few months ago (see video below), they are protesting again because the Democrats are sitting on their hands. TROUBLE BREWING FOR DEMS…

Daily Caller reports:

Approximately two dozen activists gathered in the street outside of the DNC early Monday morning with bullhorns and signs criticizing National Democrats for not passing new protections for DREAMers. The protesters then blocked the front doors of the DNC and refused staffers from entering or exiting the building.

“The Democrats party has never been on my side,” another protester said. Another said Democrats left DREAMers “Hanging by a thread.”

“I am here today to tell Democrats that they are not my allies and I will continue to fight and show that that I will not collaborate with them until they do something for my community” the protester said before calling Democrats “fake allies.”

“If you won’t let us dream!” protesters chanted. “We won’t let you sleep!”

Some activists dressed in white wigs and held canes signifying that it has been 17 years for any national Democrats to act on DREAMer legislation.




Protesters are being arrested one by one now…Deport them!

Nancy Pelosi held a press conference with her precious DREAMERS…watch what they did to her:

A group of about 30 so-called “DREAMers” surrounded her and shouted chants like “You are a liar!”


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