As most of the world was moving on from the Covid-19 pandemic by lifting restrictions on schools and businesses, the Chinese government imposed a far-reaching lockdown on its second-biggest city last week.  The lockdown is part of an exercise to test Shanghai’s over 26 million residents as a part of President Xi Jinping’s ‘zero covid’ policy.

The lockdown was supposed to end tomorrow morning, but the Chinese government has extended it as it continues to test residents of Shanghai.  There have been scores of complaints across the city about the government’s policy of isolating covid positive children from their parents and a lack of access to food and supplies due to the lockdown.

Viral videos on Twitter paint a dystopian picture of the government’s harsh lockdown policy, showing what was once a bustling city of 26 million people turned into a ghost town overnight.

One video posted by Jack Posobiec shows Chinese citizens kneeling before medical workers in protective gear being forced to show them their phones.



Another video shows the city’s population centers and highways devoid of life as people are forced to shelter inside.



The same Twitter thread shows Chinese medical staff and government officials delivering food to people under lockdown.  Then it describes how the food delivery was used to set up a testing site where people were forced to submit to Covid-19 testing and had alarms installed on their doors to prevent them from going outside.



Another video shows a dog-shaped robot walking around the empty streets of Shanghai with a megaphone taped to it broadcasting a public health announcement.



Is this what elites want for America and the west?

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