Democrats are trying to change what the founders of our nation put in place because they aren’t happy with the results of the 2016 election where Clinton won the popular vote but lost the election to President Trump. Several leftists have come out in favor of going with the popular vote in elections instead of the Electoral College.

Senator Elizabeth Warren recently spoke out (see below) to change the vote to a “National Vote” instead of the Electoral College vote.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg claimed to be against the electoral college during a speech at Stanford:


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg got the crowd worked up when during a speech at Stanford University she said she’d support the abolition of the Electoral College. She was asked which constitutional provisions should “evolve with the society”:
“Well, some things I would like to change, one is the electoral college,” she said, to rapturous applause. “But that would require a constitutional amendment. Amending our constitution is powerfully hard to do, as I know from the struggle for the Equal Rights Amendment, which fell three states shy [of passage].

Former ESPN Anchor Jemele Hill recently tweeted that somehow the system was put in place because of racism. She couldn’t be more wrong.

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Tara Ross is an expert on the Electoral College and why we have it. She sets the record straight on why this is a brilliant system that we must keep in place:

Electoral College expert Tara Ross explains why we need to keep what the founders put in place:

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Senator Elizabeth Warren held a town hall recently where she made a radical statement about the Electoral College.

The presidential candidate for 2020  doesn’t realize it, but she just alienated everyone in the middle of the country.  She says she would ditch the Electoral College for a “National Vote” that wouldn’t be national at all.

Didn’t she teach at Harvard? This is Civics 101. Anyone who knows why we have the Electoral College would know it’s a brilliant system meant to let everyone have a voice if they live in a less populated area of the country. If we ditch the Electoral College, the vote would be decided by the two coasts.

Listen to Liz go far, far left…

This one photo explains why we need the electoral college:

Prager U has a great video below explaining why we need the Electoral College:

As a result of the 2016 presidential election, are working to ensure they never lose another election. That’s why they want to get rid of the Electoral College. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Our founders were right on this!

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