A New Jersey elementary school janitor allegedly contaminated food and committed lewd acts at the school, according to an announcement from the county prosecutor’s office.

“Giovanni Impellizzeri, 25, was arrested by New Jersey State Police on Halloween, the Cumberland County prosecutor said,” CBS News reports.

Impellizzeri is accused of contaminating food, utensils with bodily fluids and bleach.

Chuck Callesto writes:

New Jersey Elementary school janitor accused of contaminating food, utensils with bodily fluids and bleach..

Giovanni Impellizzeri, a 25-year-old resident of Vineland, is facing charges of aggravated assault and tampering with food.

He was employed at the Elizabeth Moore School within the Upper Deerfield School District.

The Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office stated that the school authorities contacted state police on Monday after receiving information about social media posts allegedly depicting Impellizzeri engaging in sexual acts with inanimate objects at the school.

Further investigation revealed that Impellizzeri allegedly contaminated food products and utensils in the school cafeteria with bodily fluids, including saliva, urine, and feces.

Parents at the school were outraged upon learning the allegations and demanded answers from the administration.

“I had to subject my 11-year-old to get bloodwork and he’s petrified of stuff like that,” Dawn Gilliard, an angry parent, reportedly told local media.

“He shouldn’t have to go through that,” she added.

NJ.com reports:

The school custodian is charged with a slew of nauseating offenses after videos he shared on a messaging app showed he urinated on school cafeteria cooking utensils, spit and rubbed his genitals on bread and sprayed bleach on food items, according to court documents and charges announced Friday.

Parents said they are outraged over the incident and what they described as the district’s lack of transparency.

“I feel like my kid who came home from school Monday not feeling well, how do I know that he didn’t eat the same bread that this man did these absurd things to?” Gilliard said. “There’s a lot of unknowns. I’m just disgusted.”


At midday Friday, Gilliard was outside the school with other parents waiting to speak with Upper Deerfield Schools Superintendent Peter Koza.

“I’m looking at 10 to 15 State Police standing in front of the school and a bunch of parents in a circle just waiting for answers,” she said. “I feel appalled. I just feel like the school hasn’t given us any information.”

Parents did receive an automated call on Monday, but it was lacking, she said.

“When we got our original message on Monday, we were told that the subject had been apprehended and arrested but no children had been harmed,” she said. “That is the vague, robotic message. It wasn’t even a live person, it was a robotic message.”

CBS News added:

Impellizzeri is accused of tampering with cafeteria food in the Upper Deerfield Township school with bleach and bodily fluids. He also allegedly performed “sexual acts with inanimate objects” at the school and posted videos of them on social media, according to a news release.

All morning, New Jersey State Police were posted outside the school as parents like Shatora Sheikh came demanding answers following the arrest of Impellizzerri.

“I wanted to throw up,” Sheikh said.”I was sick to my stomach literally not knowing if my kids, my daughter, particularly that goes to that school, had eaten anything, touched anything.”

She’s particularly upset because she says the school district didn’t provide details on the allegations.

Sheikh showed CBS News Philadelphia an email Upper Deerfield Schools sent to parents Wednesday afternoon which only said there were “alleged inappropriate online postings made by an employee of our district.”

She didn’t learn the specific accusations until a friend shared them with her Thursday night.

“I believe us as parents would’ve been like happier if they would’ve told us the situation, ‘This is what happened. We’re doing A through Z,’ but nobody told us anything,” Sheikh said.

Read the press release from Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae:


CBS News Philadelphia aired this video report:

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