Pointing out that the majority of Top 10 Twitter Accounts rarely make posts, Elon Musk asks if Twitter is really dying

It’s true. Twitter’s top accounts, with a few exceptions, rarely post. Elon Musk notes this in a Saturday Tweet as he asks followers if Twitter is dying–an interesting question for the new largest shareholder to ask.

There has been a lot of speculation about why Elon became Twitter’s top shareholder. Some believe that he is in it to bring free speech and the spirit of the internet back into the woke website. Perhaps the best way to accomplish that is to convince other board members that the website is dying. And maybe it truly is.

Some of these top accounts, such as Elon’s and Obama’s, post consistently. Others, like Justin Bieber’s and Taylor Swift’s make only a few posts every year. If these are the top-followed accounts on Twitter and they aren’t generating content, then what does that really say about the platform’s future? Elon has a point.

Bringing free speech back to the platform, if that is his plan, may be the cure that Twitter needs. Certainly, allowing more diversity of thought and not generating controversy from silencing real news would help bring people back to the site.

Musk also Tweeted the following chart, showing which news sources Americans allegedly trust most:

What Twitter believes to be trustworthy news we know to be false given their burying of the Hunter Biden story. Elon Musk’s Tweet also states that “Truth is the First Casualty” perhaps alluding to this very point.

Elon knows that something needs to change, and he has a history of supporting free speech. It’s very likely that bringing attention to Twitter’s decline is just the first step in reinstating free expression to the social media platform, as many speculate.

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