Canadian’s iron-fisted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a showman.

He loves to get attention. Whether he’s being exposed for his dictatorial, brutal, and inhumane lockdowns during COVID or his idiotic overseas trip to India, he just loves being the center of attention.

In 2018, Trudeau, who has never made any secret of his flair for the flamboyant, was seen wearing an over-the-top outfit that set off social media users in India who were clearly not fond of his wardrobe choices while visiting India with his family on an odd 7-day trip where he spent the first 6 days he roaming the country without ever being greeted by a single government official.

His wardrobe choices which had people seriously questioning his sanity wasn’t the only humiliating element of the attention-seeking prime minister’s trip to India.

Watch the insane video that captures the flamboyant and bizarre Canada’s Prime Minister’s entrance at the Canada house in New Delhi.

While briefly visiting London for the queen’s funeral, Trudeau did it again! He embarrassed the citizens of Canada with what appears to be a drunken stunt in London, only two days before attending Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.


In the video below, which is being shared all over social media, a presumably drunk Justin Trudeau offered to entertain guests in the London hotel lobby where he was staying in advance of the queen’s funeral.


Trudeau, who is very unpopular with Canadian and US citizens over the horrific lockdowns of citizens during COVID, is getting justifiably hammered on social media over his immature behavior.

“Leave it to Justin to pay tribute to the wrong queen” says it all!

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