Last week, a group of kids in Independence, Missouri broke out into a “Let’s Go Brandon” chant at an Adidas-sponsored wrestling event.

The Adidas Wrestling Nationals, which is open to grades K-12, was held April 6-8 in Independence, MO. A video from the event has recently gone viral, showing a large group of kids chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” and banging their hands on the floor.

In October 2021, a reporter for NBC was conducting a live post-race interview with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, when the crowd began chanting “f*** Joe Biden.” The reporter hilariously thought the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” and the two phrases quickly became synonymous with each other.

Since then, sports crowds around the country began chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” and the NASCAR driver Brandon Brown soon announced a new major sponsor for the next racing season: Cryptocurrency Meme Coin

The new phrase has since been printed on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bumper stickers, flags, and more.

Democrats, of course, were highly offended by this new trend, despite the fact that their party members were much more vulgar and open in expressing their hatred of Donald Trump.

The Left-wing media wasted no time in labeling “Let’s Go Brandon” as a “right-wing slur.” A spokesperson for first lady Jill Biden called the phrase “sick, tasteless, classless, disrespectful, juvenile, and appalling.”

In November 2021, an NBC national security correspondent, Ken Dilanian, called the Secret Service to report people printing “Let’s Go Brandon” on guns. Unsurprisingly, he never heard back.


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