NASCAR driver Brandon Brown has a new major sponsor for the 2022 season.

In a press release today, the Brandonbilt Motorsports team announced their new major sponsor of Brandon Brown’s Number 68 Chevrolet Camaro for all 33 NASCAR races next year. The Cryptocurrency Meme Coin will be Brandon’s full-season primary partner for Brandonbilt Motorsports in the 2022 NASCAR season.

Brandonbilt Motorsports (BMS) announced today that cryptocurrency meme coin (LGBcoin / $LGB) has signed on as the team’s full-season primary partner for the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series (NXS) season.

The partnership marks the latest crypto outfit to back a NASCAR driver and team, a growing trend not only in motorsports but across all professional sports leagues. In 2022, BMS driver Brandon Brown will sport an eye-catching red, white, and blue livery with the logo and wordmark of LGBcoin aboard his No. 68 Chevrolet Camaro for all 33 races of the NXS season.

Watch this awesome video showing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown checking out the new paint job featuring his new “Let’s go, Brandon” or “LGB” cryptocurrency sponsor :


On Monday, we wrote about Brandon Brown’s struggle to get sponsors for his vehicle after the “Let’s Go Brandon!” chant became a national sensation. “Let’s go, Brandon!” replaced a more vulgar chant that expressed extreme disdain for Joe Biden, was made famous by students and fans at major athletic events.

In a recent interview, Brandon Brown revealed the difficulty he was facing to secure corporate sponsors after the chant using his name became popular.

Although Brown did not create the slogan, nor did he say if he endorsed it, the association itself has made sponsors hesitant to put their name behind him. While Brown is an open Republican, he chooses to keep politics strictly out of his racing career… or, he tried to anyway. Now, despite careful attempts to keep his political opinions under wraps, the “Let’s Go Brandon” tie has made it nearly impossible for him to separate himself from the political spotlight.

We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that given the popularity of the chant,  cryptocurrency meme coin (LGBcoin / $LGB) won’t be sorry they decided to sponsor Brown’s race car.

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