Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum (D) wasn’t happy after seeing a homeowner’s display of a toilet with a sign reading “Place mail in ballots here!” The resident, whose identity was not revealed, also had a “Recall Whitmer” sign placed in their front yard along with the toilet.

Unfortunately, Byrum filed a police report about it, not seeing the humor in the display, had this to say in a statement to the media:

“It’s solicitation of absentee ballots into a container. Our election integrity is not a game. I expect everyone to act appropriately, and this is unacceptable. This kind of behavior needs to be quashed immediately. They are making a mockery of our elections. I’m not going to stand idly by and watch it happen.”

Satire is dead when an obvious attempt at humor is taken as a serious attempt to commit voter fraud.

The county clerk added that she believed that voting by mail was the “safest way to vote during the pandemic.

However, the Trump campaign had stressed that voters should request absentee ballots, thus, newly registered voters should vote in person. The President personally believes that mail-in voting is the most susceptible to fraud, as previously reported by 100%FedUp.

Why are Democrats fighting so hard for Mail-In voting in November? Because there’s no way to verify someone’s identity.

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Our very honest president gave the best and most truthful answer today to a reporter asking:

“Do you think every state in this country should be prepared for mail-in voting?”

President Trump:

“No, because I think a lot of people cheat… I think people should vote with voter ID… The reason they don’t want voter ID is because they intend to cheat!”


Americans should call for Voter ID voting only.

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