The outspoken former television news anchor and AZ GOP candidate for governor Kari Lake torched a leftist journalist like a flame throwing dragon at a campaign event earlier today when they asked her if she thought “Donald Trump was dividing the country?”

The reporter asked, “You said you feel like Joe Biden is dividing the country–but do you feel like Donald Trump is doing the same by falsely telling people that he won that election when he lost it?”

Kari Lake, in a very controlled manner, responded, “How does that divide the country? Questioning an election where there were obviously problems is dividing the country?” she asked. “Since when can we not ask questions about our elections?” She used her own experience as a television anchor to explain, “As a journalist for many years, I was a journalist after 2016 and I distinctly remember many people, just like you, asking a lot of questions about the 2016 election results, and nobody tried to shut you up.”

Lake cited Hillary Clinton and fellow Democrats who questioned the results of the 2016 election. The conservative gubernatorial candidate also reminded the leftist reporter about how Kamala Harris questioned the security of electronic voting machines, saying “Nobody tried to shut them up.”

“I don’t see how asking questions about an election where there were many problems is dividing a country,” Lake told the reporter. “What I do see dividing a country is shutting people down, censoring people, canceling people, trying to destroy people’s lives when they do ask questions,”she said as she pointed her finger in the direction of the media. “Last I heard, we still have the Constitution. It’s hanging by a thread—thanks to some of the work some people in this area have done. But we’re going to save that Constitution—and we’re going to bring back freedom of speech. And maybe someday you’ll thank us for that!” the tough-as-nails gubernatorial candidate told the media as she dropped her mic…

Watch the unbelievable exchange here:

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