The Wuhan CCP virus and the global government responses to it are being used as massive tools to divide people:  Sick vs. healthy.  Mask vs. non-mask.  “Vaccinated” vs. Nonvaccinated.  Distanced vs. Together.

It is a global divide and conquer strategy on steroids.  And it is a very dangerous one, especially since all the vaccines are unknowns biological agents.

Most people do not realize that NONE of the novel ‘vaccines’ being administered for the Wuhan CCP Virus are FDA approved or completed with their trials and studies required for human use.  Nor do most people realize that NONE of these novel ‘vaccines’ are actually vaccines, but rather experimental biological agents acting in completely different mechanisms than actual traditional vaccines.  In fact, globalist politicians actually had to pressure dictionary companies to change the definition of vaccine in order to lie to the public when they say that what they are taking is actually a vaccine.

In short, the whole world’s population is being brainwashed and used as a global set of guinea pigs and lab rats for pharmaceutical companies and politicians under the guise of a virus that kills just 0.003% (worst case) of people it infects.  And, as should be expected, serious side effects are occuring.

A man’s skin peeled off entirely landing him in the ER due to his Johnson and Johnson experimental non-FDA approved adenovirus therapeutic, dubbed a ‘novel vaccine.’

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We recently reported on numerous countries banning AstraZeneca’s experimental biological agent that is not approved by the FDA and hasn’t finished all its testing.  Then, we reported on Johnson and Johnson’s experimental therapeutic causing a man’s entire body of skin to peel off, landing him in the emergency room.  In fact, all of these experimental biological agents seem to have more severe side effects in greater degrees than any normal vaccines.

Have you ever seen school systems around the country close down for weeks due to a vaccine rather than a viral outbreak?  Well, they do now!

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But, today, that dam may be breaking on this.  The European Medical Agency has finally been forced to issue a statement confirming that at least one of these experimental biological agents–the one from AstraZeneca–is officially linked to the blood clots that we discussed.  This comes after several months of irrationally giving millions of doses of it to people around the globe without proper testing, first.

Reuters Reports:

“ROME (Reuters) – There is a link between AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine and very rare blood clots in the brain but the possible causes are still unknown, a senior official for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said in an interview published on Tuesday.

However, the EMA later said in a statement that its review of the vaccine was ongoing and it expected to announce its findings on Wednesday or Thursday. An AstraZeneca spokesman declined to comment on the matter.”

Think about this for a second…if proper full-length non-truncated short and long term trials were completed on animals and humans prior to releasing these experimental biological agents, these issues would have been easily caught.  The fact that they are only now being recognized due to disastrous news reports of side effects, including death, is clear proof that these therapeutic technologies were never properly vetted.  And, they are so unknown still that the EMA still hasn’t even completed a review of the matter.

“In my opinion, we can now say it, it is clear that there is an association (of the brain blood clots) with the vaccine. However, we still do not know what causes this reaction,” Marco Cavaleri, chair of the vaccine evaulation team at the EMA, told Italian daily Il Messagero.

Again, had proper testing been done, there is no way such a technology would make it out of the lab and into global human use without understanding what is causing such an obvious and serious issue.  What is going on here?  And, why was it allowed to be released under the emergency authorization act when there is no emergency, given the 0.003% maximum possible death rate due to the Wuhan CCP virus?

“…The EMA has repeatedly said the benefits of the AstraZeneca shot outweigh the risks as it investigates 44 reports of an extremely rare brain clotting ailment known as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) out of 9.2 million people in the European Economic Area who have received the vaccine.

The World Health Organization has also backed the vaccine.”

It is important to note here that it is well understood that the WHO is a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party.  So, why is all of the Western world placing its lives in the hands of such an organization?  Who do these pharamceutical companies and politicians serve?

“AstraZeneca has said previously its studies have found no higher risk of clots because of its vaccine.”

Perhaps if they had completed proper testing on their new technology, as is legally required, the appropriate studies would have been completed that would have proven this.  Or, perhaps they just ignored the problem for expedience.  The EMA claims it is currently investigating which cohort groups may be at higher risk.

“…The EMA said last week that its review had at present not identified any specific risk factors, such as age, gender or a previous medical history of clotting disorders, for these very rare events. A causal link with the vaccine is not proven, but is possible and further analysis is continuing, the agency said.

A high proportion among the reported cases affected young and middle-aged women but that did not lead EMA to conclude this cohort was particularly at risk from AstraZeneca’s shot.”

So, it may end up that whistleblower doctors and nurses who told people to become fully informed of the risks of unknown biological technologies due to these ‘vaccines’ were right.  They said that the vaccines may not be safe and were unknown.  One thing they mentioned was that previous testing of such technologies resulted in horrific pathogenic priming which could destroy your immune system for the rest of your life, exacerbating any future contact with Covid viruses (around the 26 minute mark).  This is also called Antibody Dependent Enhancement.  Perhaps the EMA is just starting to catch up with the rational thoughts of doctors like Simone Gold.

“…European investigators have put forward one theory that the vaccine triggers an unusual antibody in some rare cases; others are trying to understand whether the cases are linked with birth control pills…In a separate interview, Armando Genazzani, a member of the EMA’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP), told La Stampa daily that it was “plausible” that the blood clots were correlated with the AstraZeneca vaccine.”

In a further indication that this is not a vaccine, the Reuter’s article continues by describing it as an “adenovirus vector,” but then goes on to call it a vaccine anyway, even though traditional vaccines do not operate using this biological pathway.

“The AstraZeneca vaccine is based on a modified chimpanzee adenovirus vector, ChAdOx1, developed at Oxford University, and is one of several adenovirus-vector COVID-19 vaccines. The current vaccine rollout represents the first use of viral vector vaccines on such a global scale.”

Keep in mind that The Johnson and Johnson ‘vaccine,’ which caused a man’s entire body of skin to peel off, is also an “adenovirus vector” therapeutic.

The Wuhan CCP virus and the response to it is being used as another tool to divide people.  Sick vs. nonsick.  Mask vs. nonmask.  “Vaccinated” vs. Nonvaccinated.

Whether you choose to take the vaccine or not must remain your choice.  You shouldn’t be shamed for it, either way.  And you mustn’t be required to take it.  It is incumbent upon everyone to make informed decisions for yourself about the risks, otherwise global corporations and politicians will gladly make them for you and your family forever.

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