Independent journalist Drew Hernandez is doing an amazing job exposing the truth behind the violent protesters in Portland, Oregon.

Tonight,  violent rioters hit a new low when they attempted to blind a federal agent by repeatedly pointing a laser at his eyes.

***Warning***The video is difficult to watch. Each time the federal agent attempts to look away, the rioter follows him, pointing the laser at his eyes each time he turns away.


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A Twitter user points out that the rioters are also pointing a red laser at his eyes.

We’re now at 7 weeks of rioting in Portland. What will it take to end it?

While violent protests have diminished or stopped everywhere else, it has continued and grown stronger in Portland, Oregon. Last night, Drew Hernandez captured rioters cutting through fencing around the Portland courthouse with a power saw.


How much more of this incredible violence will our federal agents be forced to take before they begin arresting the offenders and charging them like domestic terrorists?

Please consider supporting the efforts of independent reporter Drew Hernandez who risks his life every day covering the truth about what’s happening at violent leftist riots across America. Support here:


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